John Valdez || Orange County-based photographer - California-bred, musically infused and always ready for the next adventure.


Over the years, my style of photography has evolved into a mix of photojournalism and street photography - heavily influenced by my surroundings. More recently, I've found myself inspired by the vastness of the Golden Coast and felt like home on the streets of Brooklyn. 

When working with clients, I strive to capture them at their most natural state. However, I love when my clients push beyond the limits of their comfort zone - something new is always discovered. Laughter plays a large role in my approach with my clients. We often connect through humor which makes each session light-hearted but ensuring complete confidence in trying the unexpected.

Of course, "no man is an island" - my wonderful wife, Faith-Ann ( is a motivating force in not only my pursuit as an photographer, but also my growth as an artist. She's my editor, loft landlord, manager of everything, and a real-life auto-corrector. But all jokes aside, she's my muse - she inspires me to push beyond MY own personal and artistic limits. An accomplished photographer herself,  she often accompanies me as a second shooter and art director.

We'd both love to meet you! So please head to the Contact link and drop us a line.

We can grab a coffee, or a quick drink, and chat about how we can help you!

For a glimpse into my day-to-day follow me on instagram! (@jvphoto)